Nigal takes part in the digitalisation workshop for the forestry sector that will be held on May 6 in  Lugo Madera facilities.

We will be talking about the necesities of the sector and their solutions based upon digitalisation tools. We introduce our app Notifor, which is a good example of such solutions.

We will continue by exploring future upgrades founded on the demands of the experts in the sector.

Lastly, we will provide a global vision about the future where data will be key to leverage the competitiveness of the companies.

Libatio at the Anuga FoodTec 2022 fair

Nigal attended the special edition of the Anuga FoodTec fair held in Cologne (Germany) from 26 to 29 April 2022. In this event we were able to present the progress made in the two projects that Nigal has in the wine sector, wine control in wooden barrels and monitoring of stainless steel tanks.

The team was able to present the solution based on a smart plug connected to the Libatio web platform and explored the commercial outputs of the smart cover that is being developed within the framework of the Connect Connect program from ERDF funds.

Presentación do Conecta Hubs

NIGAL na prensa!

Europa premia con 120.000 euros un proyecto de una empresa de Ribadeo