Meet our team

We are a young startup that develops solutions based on useful, responsible and customer-focused Artificial Intelligence, assisting people in their day-to-day life through sustainable innovation that respects the ownership of their data.

Lara Neira


Adrián Rodríguez


Elena Alonso


David Fernández


Anxo Asensio

Software Designer & Developer

Pablo Ramos Muras

Software Developer

Nigal Beginnings

We began our story at the end of 2019 in Ribadeo (Lugo), when two expert data scientists and a group of software developers decided to unite our capabilities to assist companies in their day-to-day activities, facilitating the power of their data through solutions based on in mathematical models that would allow speeding up decision-making and optimizing its processes.

But we wanted to go one step further... Aware that there are many companies that have little data, we set ourselves a challenge: to democratize Artificial Intelligence by extracting as much information as possible even in those cases with little data. To do this, we began to develop mobile applications that serve to collect data and alleviate the lack of digital records, thus complementing the acquisition of data from sensors (IoT).

Pero quisimos ir un paso más allá… Conscientes de que hay muchas empresas que disponen de pocos datos, nos propusimos un reto: democratizar la Inteligencia Artificial extrayendo la máxima información posible incluso en aquellos casos con escasez de datos. Para ello, comenzamos a desarrollar aplicaciones móviles que sirvan para recolectar datos y paliar la falta de históricos digitales, complementando así la adquisición de datos de sensores (IoT).

History of the Nigal logo

Something very important was still missing: the name and logo of the company. If we were clear about something, it was that it had to represent our philosophy. So why Nigal?

Nigal are the initials of some terms with which we feel very identified: Nova Industria Galega. We believe that Machine Learning solutions and mathematical models in general have a lot to contribute to Industry 4.0 and that it is time for Galicia to be a benchmark.

But this name has more history, and it is that Nigal (or the great lady) was a goddess in Mesopotamian mythology, protector of the city of Ur and who was given powers of divination through dreams. Although the Mesopotamian civilization relied on the appearances of this goddess in her dreams, at Nova Industria Galega we intend that our clients can make their decisions based on data science. This parallelism, together with the fact that our CEO is a woman, made us decide on NIGAL.

Nigal was a lunar goddess and therefore she was represented with a crescent moon, an element that had to be present in our logo. In addition, we incorporate a neural network, an icon of the best-known model of Artificial Intelligence, which completes our corporate image. And that's how we wrote the first page of Nigal's story.