Management platform for waste collection

Waste collection point manager

Platform for the management and control of containers and bins, which will consist of a web manager together with a simple app.

Pickup Point Map

From our platform you can create a database of all the geolocated assets and with the pertinent information.

Issue notifications

With our application you will receive real-time notifications of possible incidents that may occur.

Resource map

Map of geolocated points

From the LIXO application or the web platform, you will have at your disposal a map where all the containers and bins will be located, as well as the associated incidents to these.

Container and bin history

Thanks to the digitization of resources, you will have access to your history, which will provide you with the knowledge to make better decisions.

Web platform

Management platform

Through the internet you will connect to our manager, where you will have all the information about your assets in real time.

Intuitive display

LIXO has an intuitive and robust interface that will allow you to store information on all your assets and their evolution. History of containers or bins, images of incidents, geolocation etc...

Incident control

Issue notifications

With our application you will receive real-time notifications of the status and evolution of resources.

Internal chat system

An internal chat system will allow you to share incident information with other users.

Map resources and incidents

Add pickup points

With a simple form you can add geolocated container points or bins, from an application or manually from the LIXO web platform. Thanks to these you can carry out a digitalization of all assets and take advantage of your data.

Add geolocated issues

In the same way as with the collection points, you can add incidents related to a container or litter bin (Ex: Overturned container, Broken litter bin, etc...), or a specific GPS position (Ex: Branches blocking the road, etc... )