Nova Industria Galega

Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analysis Platform

Condition Monitoring from IoT connections and mobile apps
Ad hoc Notifications and Alarms
Intuitive Visualization of Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Ad hoc solutions

Our platform and mobile applications are ready to be adapted to your business. We obtain data through IoT connections and from our apps to provide valuable feedback .


Our engineers and data scientists transform your data into quality information for your business.


Achieve energy and operational efficiency, becoming a company that relies on AI to make better decisions.

We democratize the use of AI

We create solutions based on a useful , responsible and customer-centric Artificial Intelligence which assists people through a sustainable innovation that respects the property of your data.

Custom Artificial Intelligence
We process your data using custom AI algorithms, allowing you to anticipate problems and optimize your processes.We are experts in data and mathematical modeling which allows us to transform your business, turning your data into knowledge that improves decision-making and operational and energy efficiency.

Visualization of your company's activity in real time from anywhere.

Notifications and alarms

Notification system that will keep you informed of the evolution of your assets, as well as our predictions.


Forget about the hard work of analyzing millions of data and let us put the artificial intelligence at your service thanks to a intuitive and responsive platform

Nova Industria Galega
Our platform avoids the use of expensive and complex programs and works on almost any device.

Our platform can process data acquired through IoT connections as well as information from the users of our Apps, all in real time.


Artificial intelligence at your service thanks to an intuitive and adaptable visualisation.


Process and assets management using data obtained through IIoT connections in real time.